FairLy Impressive

Now this is very impressive..!

WILLARD WIGEN – Microscopic Art

Willard is a resident of Birmingham, England.
The show is in Manchester.
He has a learning disability (Dyslexia)
but has talented hands.
He makes the sculptures out of
dust particles, sugar crystals, etc.
Works only around midnight,
and can only do some of the work
between heartbeats.

The Statue of Liberty in the eye of a needle.

Elvis on a pin head.

Boxing ring next to a match head.

Girl with ballon is standing on an eyelash,
glued to the top of a needle.

Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs in the eye of a needle.
Note the wicked witch on top.

Visitors view exhibits through a microscope.

The thinker on the head of a pin.

Peter Pan & Tinkerbell etc, on a small fish hook.

The royal court in the eye of a needle.

6 Responses to “ FairLy Impressive ”

  1. That’s very impressive! Must take a very steady hand!


  2. Tom Cruise have dyslexia and yet he is still a very successful actor.~..


  3. dyslexia is not that debiliating but it is somewhat limiting to the kind of job that you can get’.`


  4. my sister has dyslexia but she can live a very normal life eventhough she can’t read that much.':


  5. dyslexia can affect anyone of use but this disease is not very debilitating anyway-~-


  6. there are many famous persons with dyslexia and it is not a debilitating disease. Tom Cruise is known to be dyslexic *~;


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