Celebrity Childhood’s Pics

Angelina Jolie

Anna Kournikova

Britney Spears

Bruce Willis


Christina Aguilera

Demi Moore

Drew Barrymore

George Clooney

Halle Berry

Helen Hunt

Janet Jackson

Jean Claude Van Damme

Jennifer Lopez

Julia Roberts

Keanu Reeves

Leonardo Di Caprio


Mariah Carey

Meg Ryan

Michael & Ralf Schumacher

Michael Jackson

Michael Jordan

Nicole Kidman

Pamela Anderson

Patrick Swayze

Paul Mc Cartney

Ricky Martin

Robbie Williams

Robert De Niro

Tom Cruise

Tom Hanks

10 Responses to “ Celebrity Childhood’s Pics ”

  1. Lol! Van Damme was the funniest! But they were all so cute!


  2. I think Leonardo Di Caprio is the most funny. He looked like a gal when he was still a child.

    Dunn, are those buildings real? Will they collapse? LOL!


  3. Makes you wonder how much age changed their faces, or how much of that was Hollywood surgery…


  4. Anna Kournikova is one of the sexiest russian tennis players i have ever seen. Russian tennis players are really pretty eh.-`*


  5. i could wish that my wife is Anna Kournikova, she is really pretty `


  6. i remember Patrick Swayze with Jennifer Grey on Dirty Dancing movie**’


  7. i love the hair of Anna Kournikova, i love long flowing blonde hair,:`


  8. farewell Patrick Swayze, we will really miss this very talented guy`*;


  9. of course patrick swayze is a very talented guy and he is also a very handsome actor “


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