New Style Bedding

4 Responses to “ New Style Bedding ”

  1. I like the last photo, but it seems to be a lot of work to set up your bed every night. It has to be very hard to make your bed every morning too.


  2. Hey,
    wonderful picture….!! love ya..would have a great fun sleeping!!


  3. I love the concept, but imagine trying to have sex or romp around on the bed? You’d be banging it into walls etc.

    Also, you’re asleep and your partner is getting in or out of bed, it’s going to rock around…

    you couldn’t sit up in bed to read.


  4. Interesting, I had a thought, if you were to add four small legs to the bottom of the bed, you would be able to eliminate a lot of the really bad design issues, silly look, instability, need for string, having to find a strong support area to hook into overhead, risk of collapse, etc, etc.

    Feel free to run with this idea.


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