Magic Roundabout

Imagine, you’re driving through England.
You’re a bit stressed, because of driving on the left side.
But everything goes fine,
and you’re longing for a nice cup of tea.
Suddenly you see this traffic sign…

200 driving lessons didn’t prepare you for this…

You’re cracking your brains about what to find…

A few hundred meters further you’ll find this…

The Magic Roundabout!

There are aproximately 4 of these in the UK, this one is in Swindon, between London and Cardiff.

3 Responses to “ Magic Roundabout ”

  1. Oh that’s easy! If I came across this I would know just what to do. I would choose from these options:

    1. Pull over to the side of the road and get out and walk

    if that was not possible

    2. Just stop the car in the middle of the road and cry until someone came and rescued me


  2. he.. he.. he…


  3. I don’t see a problem here. Could the stereotypes about Americans lacking intellicenge be true?


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