Beautiful Dog Named Faith

Faith, a female dog with 2 feet.

Beautiful Dog Named Faith 1

Faith is a mixed breed between Chow Chow and Labrador. She had developed a birth defect that shook the world, even verterinaries who couldn’t do anything about it, in the end gave their support and helped Faith to develop.Faith was born with 2 hind legs, and now Faith is able to walk even run like human. The full spirited Faith is alive and there’s no barrier that could hold her down to feel alive.
Faith was adopted by the Stringfellow family 4 years ago, after was thrown out by irresponsible stranger. Jude String Fellow, with determination took care of Faith and all she wanted to do was to sahow the world that Faith deserved to live. The bond between the 2 grew although many around Jude had advised her to put Faith to sleep. Everytime Jude looked into Faith’s eyes, it was as if Faith was talking to her “please help me, because I want to live.”

Jude wrote a book about Faith titled “With a Little Faith” and “Faith Alone: Stories of an Amazing Dog”. Jude wanted so much to give Faith her chance to live, which she did. Faith grew and learned to walk in anyway she could. When she was 3 months, she was dragging herself as she was not able to lift her chest off the floor and they feared that infections might occur from the constant scratches and wound she suffered from trying to walk. If Faith couldn’t walk, it was almost certain that she would not survive, but her appetite helped her as she was fond of peanut butter and willing to the extra mile to obtain it. Jude started to feed her with peanut butter until she was strong enough. It took 8 months before she walked on her 2 hind legs and the result was just amazing.

Faith grew stronger by the day and never forgets to wag her tail everytime. She is also friendly with people. Faith is now 4 years old and living happily enjoying her fame all across America, to show to all dog lovers who would like to take a closer look at her. Even Oprah Winfrey had ensured that Faith is included in one of her shows.

Beautiful Dog Named Faith 2

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  1. Hi, thanks for writing about my puppy Faith. I wanted to tell you, my name is JUDE rather than JADE and my book titles are: “With a Little Faith” and “Faith Alone: Stories of an Amazing Dog”. I hope you’ll be able to correct the post. It seems minor, but titles are important if someone was intersted in learning more about Faith. Thanks again, it was so sweet of you!!


  2. Hi Jude!
    Sorry for the mistake. Had corrected them already.


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  4. Dear Jude,

    This story is so EXCITING to me. I am a principal of a small elementary school in Ohi where 23% of the students are on an Individual Educational Plan (IEP) due to handicapping conditions of one kind or another.

    I would love to invite you and FAITH to my school!

    It is not Oprah or Montel…or anything BIG like those shows…However, I have been working at getting the message across that having a disability does not mean that a person CAN’T achieve even better than the “typically” developing person. Unless people SEE, they sometimes do not believe.

    Maybe with a little “Faith”…We could plant a seed of more hope -for a brighter future of our little people.

    If you ever pass through Ohio, I know a school of children who would benefit from having both of you as our guests!

    This is truly an AMAZING story!!!

    j.d. Ohio


    Jude Stringfellow Reply:

    Hi, thanks for writing – – I never checked this message board after making the slight correction to my name. I am booking for fall 2009 now. If you’re interested please call me 405 248-5797. We have a booking agent. He allows me to do simple contracts, so if you’re interested please call.

    Thanks so much.


  5. OMG! I love this little touching story. Faith, the puppy could tell humans a thing or two about life and how to treat others.

    It would be simple, something like “Treat others the way that YOU would want to be treated, because none of us are perfect!”

    I love you Faith, and I pray for you. You are a terrific dog. An utter inspiration!


  6. Dear Jude,
    i was so touched to read of your beloved dog ‘Faith’ it brought tears to my eyes………and i am so happy that you were prepared to take on ‘Faiths’ problem….i see overwhelming love in Faith,s eyes,dogs are the most wonderful of creatures,and give so much,and ask for so little in return.
    i have 2 rescue Bichons who i absolutely adore,and my first little dog was a tiny little boy that became my shadow for 12 long years.

    its people like you Jude who give me faith in the future.
    many blessings will come your way.



  7. Great job! By the way, Faith is a Carolina Dog often referred to as an American Dingo. Google photos for Carolina Dog and you will see. We have a Carolina Dog, a dead ringer for Faith.


  8. She’s the dog of some family fiernds. An absolute crack-up. When she sees me she runs to me as fast as she can and just before she crashes into me she flips herself onto her back so I can rub her belly. Just adorable.


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