Shaolin 1

Shaolin 2

Shaolin 3

Shaolin 4

Shaolin 5

Shaolin 6

Shaolin 7

Shaolin 8

Shaolin 9

Shaolin 10

Shaolin 11

14 Responses to “ Shaolin ”

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    Just so ya know.


  2. Awesome. Hey to check out some weird and crazy shit we get up to, check out our blog, thanks!


  3. I think you meant http://www.SubliminalMessages.Com (with the colon after the http:). Anyways, I went there yesterday and my eyes haven’t stopped screaming. Make them stop. Make them stop! Puuuuleeez!

    Awesome site. Thanks for the referral.


  4. joseph… you might want to change your user name when spamming comments

    I went to the site and it was absolute shit.

    Nothing but animated gifs of small toddlers getting kicked in the head.



  5. Awesome pics! They’re even more amazing live. I saw a group of shaolin doing a show a year or so back, they were great.

    As for Joseph’s site: don’t bother, it’s a poorly designed mess.


  6. despues de eso se van a beber unas cervecitas!! ^^

    then, they go to drink a beer!! ^^



  7. Oh thats nothing I can do all that and at the same time. I can walk around on my pinky fingers and everything. I walk to the store for my smokes like that. and buy with my feet, reach into my hip pocket for the money and pay with my feet.

    I also open the pack and light up with my feet while walking back home on my pinky fingers.


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    Playboy German ads is related to these photoes ??


    Dunn Reply:

    Maybe because they both are in the same category ‘photos’ that’s how they were counted related.


  9. holasoilyacson pele o kunfu


  10. I sow many films, but I didn’t think, than much from this is truth. They are grate. They really need it, what for?


  11. […] A continuación os muestro unas fotografías que he encontrado en la red referente al entrenamiento de estos monjes (Fuente). […]

  12. The boy is an amazing thing and with training can accomplish just about anything.


  13. LVE


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