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Photographer’s Unique Styles

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The Lion Whisperer

Natural Affinity..Kevin Richardson says he relies on instinct and patience to win the animals’ trust.

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Isn’t It Wonderful?!

In the picture, just look at their condition..No place to sleep, still they have made some space for the cat and the dog..Water pouring from the roof but still each of them have a peaceful smile on their face.. Simply amazing! The happiest people in the world are not those who have no problems, but […]

Wanna Try These Rides?!

Smelled Finger

Smelled Finger

Various Alarm Clocks

1. ClockyAs you press the snooze button on Clocky, it will move and find a place to hide. When it rings again you have to get out of bed and finds her to turn her off. Clocky will finds new hideouts everyday. 2. The Sonic AlarmThis clock will wake almost anything. To activate is easy: […]

New T-Shirt From Japan

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Cute Air Balloons

World’s Largest Swimming Pool

Already drawing the crowds in the South American resort of San Alfonso del Mar in Chile, this artificial lagoon and swimming pool is eight hectares in size and contains an incredible 250,000 cubic meters of water. Acknowledged by Guinness World Records as being the world’s largest swimming pool, the lagoon trounces all other record holders […]

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