Various Alarm Clocks

1. Clocky

As you press the snooze button on Clocky, it will move and find a place to hide. When it rings again you have to get out of bed and finds her to turn her off. Clocky will finds new hideouts everyday.

2. The Sonic Alarm

This clock will wake almost anything. To activate is easy: pull the pin and say loudly the classic line i.e “fire in the hole!” and throw it to the room where sleeping bodies lie and after 10 seconds, a loud bang will be heard (3 volume settings) from this clock. What is so special about this clock is that to turn it off, the woken up guy must find the pin holder to put it back. If not the noise will continue on. Pranksters will certainly love this.

3. The Blowfly Alarm Clock

This clock will ascends from its place when the alarm rings, starts to fly around the room and emits noises. To turn it off, you gotta catch it and put it in its rghtful spot.

4. The Drill Sergeant Alarm Clock

This clock will emit orders just like your drill sargeant does in the barrack.

5. Coockoo Alarm Clock

Coockoo alarm clock will lay egg when the alarms rings whilst emitting the sound of chicken, You can only turn it off by puttin the eggs back in the nest.

6. Anemone Clock

Anemone clock will vibrate when the alarm rings and soon enough it will go round your room. Vibration from this clock is good enough to wake you up and this vibration will ceratinly gives you more that enough trouble to find the off button.

7. ClearSounds Wake & Shake Alarm Clock

This clock has more than 95 loud sounds, good enough to wake you up and it is equipped with vibrator that you can put under the pillow to wake you up.

8. Puzzle Alarm

When the alarm shouts, it will throw 4 pieces of puzzles into the air and you have to find them and put them together, if not you can’t turn off the alarm.

10. Sfera Alarm Clock

This clock is hung on the ceiling of your bed. When the alarm rings, and if we press snooze, therefore this alarm will go up a few centimeters. When the alarm rings again, and if we press snooze again, this alarm will keep going up until the point where you practically have to get up off bed to turn it off. Guaranteed to get you out of bed.

6 Responses to “ Various Alarm Clocks ”

  1. I just love them all! Especially the ones that hide and you have to find them.

    It’ll make a great present for my sister who never wakes up on time and is alway late!


  2. Sécurité : Porte blindée ou alarme ?…

    Avant de prendre une décision finale sur une porte blindée ou une signalisation, pesez le pour et le contre, parce que les portes blindées ont aussi leurs défauts……

  3. where can i buy these clocks.


  4. yeah these clocks are awesome, where would i find stuff like this? maybe online or in local stores..?


  5. My favorite alarm is the second !!!
    We can play Rambo with it ! 😀


  6. I don’t want to wake up from the sound of a sergeant yelling at me.


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