Unusual Place To Play Golf

Check out where Tiger Woods is standing..

Very expensive place but very impressive.
This is Dubai . The place where Tiger Woods is standing, is the helicopter’s port of the BURJ AL ARAB, the unique 7 star hotel of the world.
And the other one to the front is the JUMEIRAH BEACH 5 star hotel..
Both belong to the Sheikh MAKTOUM CO….

4 Responses to “ Unusual Place To Play Golf ”

  1. This can’t be real can it? It is crazy to think they would let people hit golfballs off the top of this platform. Must be a lot of money to even go to the top of this building.


  2. It’s a place where you will never get back your golf ball.

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  3. That place is amazing.I never saw such a golf course before.I wish i could be there.

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  4. i was hit with a golf ball on the head and it was quite painfull`~`


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