Scary Bread

hese are sculptures of human body parts made from bread.
You can find them in Bakery Ratchaburi, Bangkok, Thailand.
Do you dare to eat them?!

Scary Bread 1

Scary Bread 2

Scary Bread 3

Scary Bread 4

Scary Bread 5

Scary Bread 6

Scary Bread 7

Scary Bread 9

Scary Bread 10

Scary Bread 11

Scary Bread 12

Scary Bread 13

Scary Bread 14

Scary Bread 15

Scary Bread 16

Scary Bread 17


6 Responses to “ Scary Bread ”

  1. I’ve heard about this type of design from food before, but WOW. I’ll surely give it a try, but I think it’ll scar me..

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  2. Holy crap that’s freaky!!! Would be great for a Halloween party though :)


  3. I love art but, this is just plane nasty! Makes me loose my appetite.


  4. […] pranksters that would like to play a trick on their friends or family. “When people see the bread, they don’t want to eat it. But when they taste it, it’s just normal bread,” he […]

  5. HOLY CRAP i like the rotten foot one. where do u buy one. i scared my froend with a cockroach from a magic store but i think ill kill my friend with the bread.I WANT ONE

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  6. i cant believe this things are edible!! yuck!


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