Cool USB

Cool USB 1

Cool USB 2

Cool USB 3

Cool USB 4

Cool USB 5

Cool USB 6

Cool USB 7

Cool USB 8

Cool USB 9

Cool USB 10

Cool USB 11

5 Responses to “ Cool USB ”

  1. Those are awesome! They look nice, and I think a drive on a necklace would be harder to lose than a keychain or loose stick. Smart AND pretty! Nice combination.


  2. I wish i had the money to buy some of that stuff for my gf.

    Nice blog btw. You’ve got your self a subscriber. :)


  3. thank’s lumacafi. tried to visit yours but no blog or site listed in your blogger profile.


  4. Dunn my Blogger profile is very old.
    You can check out my blog at


  5. Very impressive. Mine, of course, look nothing like that, and most all of them are missing their caps (sigh)

    Rob’s last blog post..“The Disease Mongering Engine”


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