Extreme Body Piercing part 1

Extreme Body Piercing 1

Extreme Body Piercing 2

Extreme Body Piercing 3

Extreme Body Piercing 4

Extreme Body Piercing 5

Extreme Body Piercing 6

Extreme Body Piercing 7

Extreme Body Piercing 8

Extreme Body Piercing 9

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Extreme Body Piercing 12

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Extreme Body Piercing 14

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Extreme Body Piercing 17

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Extreme Body Piercing 19

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Extreme Body Piercing 21

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21 Responses to “ Extreme Body Piercing part 1 ”

  1. All I can say is, WHY? WHY? WHY?

    Oh… and OUCH!


  2. why?
    I love girls with nipple piercing and nipple rings
    .. They are very beautyfull and sexy. So, are you like girls with piercing?


    Alya Reply:

    i have mine done


  3. If i was them i would be embaresd 😳 to look at my self in the mirror there is a limit to this people ❗ ❗ ❗ common sence ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗


  4. thats nuts i love it lmao :smile: :smile: :smile:


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  6. nuts that is awsome


  7. How can they live with it? How people with a hole in a cheek can eat? I like piercing, but not so much. I thought to be original, piercing in an eyebrow suffices.


  8. nuts that is so freakin cool!


  9. Great idea, I’ll have to give it a try.


  10. i myself over the last few years have had several piercings luckily my friends and family and workmates do not judge me by my looks they look to the person inside and and judge me for who iam and not what i look like it is a crying shame that there are not a lot more open minded people like this instead of the mindless bigots i have to deal with on a daily basis


  11. I think it is the dummest thing anyone could ever do GROW UP.GET A LIFE.


  12. Everyone has their own need to ‘individualize’ themselves – or to stand out. I’m just more afraid of pain than they are.


  13. Too much caffeine??


  14. awful! there are a lot better things to spend time and money on!


  15. In response to the person above who doesn’t want to be judged by how she looks, I am curious about your piercings because they are done for attention in the first place! I mean, if you didn’t care for others to judge you buy them you would have kept your piercings where no one else could see them. I am confused.


  16. How can they live with it? How people with a hole in a cheek can eat? I like piercing, but not so much. I thought to be original, piercing in an eyebrow suffices.


  17. good ,i love


  18. great pearsing ever, great job dude 😀


  19. unfortunatly the only problem with any type of piercing is other people and their attitudes to those of us with piercings
    i have massive problems with work(can i work with holes in my body ?)and others who will just stand and stare like im some kind of freak and greef from security staff when i walk around a shop(like im gonna knick everything they’ve got)it makes me cross and i quickly loose faith in people who cant just except the fact that we’re all different and like different things(would be a very boring world if we were all the same)we would just like to be accepted for who we are not what we look like


  20. Body art is peoples own personal opinions. Some people hate any and all piercings, i personally, would try just about any one of these just to see if I like it. Do I care if people look at me funny? Not at all already got four holes in me that aren’t supposed to be there…got plenty more that I would love


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