Readius : Rollable Mobile Phone

Readius rollable mobile phone

The latest innovation in mobile phone display is introduced by a Dutch Company, Polymer Vision. This new mobile phone called Readius comes with a 5 inch (13 Cm) roll-into the handset if not used.

This new technology allows a hidden display inside the handset called “Rollable Screen”. It was stated that Readius is the first of its kind in the world. Apart from this new installed technology, this 3G phone can also be used as e-book reader or digital book. Raedius display uses E-link material which is claimed to be comforting for reading on cellular phones, just like on printed material.

“You will obtain a big screen on as digiatl book readers, with longlasting batteries, plus high speed connectivity.” said Karl McGoldrick, CEO at Polymer Vision as quoted at After Dawn, Wednesday (23/1/2008).

Polymer Vision, whose 25% share is owned by Electronic Mogul, Phillips said that Readius will be available in the market by Mid 2008, Price is yet announced.

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  1. Wow! that’s a mbile phone? It has a strange style.

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  2. When buying Cellphone Batteries make sure that you are not getting those chinese fakes and knockoffs..:~


  3. I am always on the lookout for new models of Nokia phone and also iPhone.“”


  4. Nokia always makes the coolest mobile phone.-~.


  5. i often use my mobile phone compared to my netbooks”,;


  6. the best mobile phones should have high resolution cameras and some netbook functionality*,,


  7. mobile phones are getting cheaper and cheaper, i just hope that they add more features into it**`


  8. my mobile phone is not the latest one but it sure has lots of features ..,


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