Unique Dream Houses

Unique Dream Houses 1

Unique Dream Houses 2

Unique Dream Houses 3

 Unique Dream Houses 4

Unique Dream Houses 5

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10 Responses to “ Unique Dream Houses ”

  1. Cool! The second one looks like a place I saw in Sicily..


  2. wow, are all these images real? they are really nice though, even I couldn’t find it in my dreams… salam.

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    Dunn Reply:

    I don’t think they’re real. :roll:


    Mafloga Reply:

    The cascade house is very real… it is in Pennsilvania, I think.


    Torres Reply:

    There is actually one cascade house in pennsylvania, but it ain’t this house of the picture. It’s a montage.


    Meagan Reply:

    me too


    grace Reply:

    i curious how a simple human being to make like a very incredible house like that.. is that real? if real thier is someone stayed there?


  3. […] some people think about dream houses where to live best, some people make fantasies a reality as in these photos. This melting-like […]

  4. the 1st one is FAKE all the way and i bet the 2nd one collapsed cause look at it, it looked like its being held up by an unbreakable string


  5. fake or not i think it only shows how creative those people behind these designed houses were….


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