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18 Responses to “ Computer Humor ”

  1. Very Cute!! Had to link to it!

    AmyOops’s last blog post..Computer Humor


    Dunn Reply:

    Thank’s Amy! :smile:


  2. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :!: :mrgreen:


  3. […] First, I saw this cartoon… over at a blog I like to check out once in a while called My Interesting Files. I love the premise of the blog – the idea that all those emails she’s keeping in her archives might be of interest to others, too. Be sure to check out the rest of the Computer Humor Cartoons. […]

  4. Hahahahahahaha that’s really funny!


  5. […] Computer Humor: My new friend Dunn compiled some very funny computer humor in this post. Go get yourself some comic relief. […]

  6. Funny :lol:

    More, please!

    Rai’s last blog post..Discount Tech Products


  7. […] – Computer humor – link […]

  8. Amazing article! Detailed and very interested. I am going to recommend this blog to my friends.


  9. Some great comics there Dunn. Now where do I find that airbag option for my PC? Thanks for the laughs! :^)


  10. Nice Comics :-)


  11. Nice comics bro…

    Rio’s last blog post..Google Update Pagerank, I get PR 4


  12. Really hilarious comics.

    Phaoloo’s last blog post..PeaZip – Flexible And Powerful Archive Manager For Bloggers


  13. Waaaaa! LOL!
    very funny!

    thanks for sharing…


  14. […] Cartoon Credit […]

  15. Ha-ha!
    I particularly like the Flash download cartoon and the housewife with her cooker and washing machine
    Thanx for the laughs


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  17. […] tip: My Interesting Files What Kind of App Should My Business Have? blog comments powered by Disqus […]

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