Dirty Car Art

Dust Artist 1

Dust Artist 2

Dust Artist 3

Dust Artist 4

Dust Artist 5

Dust Artist 6

Dust Artist 7

Dust Artist 8

Artist : Scott Wade

4 Responses to “ Dirty Car Art ”

  1. That is so awesome! Almost makes me wish for a dirty window!

    Nissa’s last blog post..We have a winner!


  2. Hi Dunn! What a great artist that guy is! I guess that would be the only time you wouldn’t want your car washed…haha :mrgreen:

    Bobby Revell’s last blog post..The Insanity of Stereotypes, Labels and Generalizations


  3. Brilliant! I need him to visit my driveway !


  4. Clever, but reminds me that I need to wash my van…


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