Jamaican Motorcycle Accident Rate Study

The Jamaican government did a study with tax dollars to see why there are so many deadly motorcycle accidents in Jamaica.

You’d be surprised at the result.

Jamaican Motorcycle Accident Rate Study 1

Jamaican Motorcycle Accident Rate Study 2

Jamaican Motorcycle Accident Rate Study 3

Jamaican Motorcycle Accident Rate Study 4

Jamaican Motorcycle Accident Rate Study 5

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7 Responses to “ Jamaican Motorcycle Accident Rate Study ”

  1. That’s truly funny -the fact most people are staring at a totally different part of the anatomy. Of course, riding without at helmut would most likely mean they DO have their heads up their @sses. Also, I think these folks are on US17 -with tags that have N.C. on them and left-hand drive vehicles… I’d say this is somewhere on our east coast. While US17 runs from Winchester VA to Punta Gorda FL (1189 miles) I Don’t think it has a connector to Jamaica. But thanks for the laugh!


  2. Besides the helmet it is obvious that traffic is too distracting. In Southern California, traffic comes to a stand still whenever anyone is changing a flat tire or someone is getting a ticket. Everyone wants to see. If he had back set passengers like that out here the accident rate would likely increase 100 fold.


  3. I’d say dis s crazzie,but somewhat amazing!!!1000s


  4. When I saw this I would have said that they were caused but the lack of clothing the Jamaicans seem to wear but yeah a helmet is a vital piece of gear, I crashed at 60 after a car took out my front wheel when it was overtaking and that helmet saved my life.

    The helmet that I have to thank for that is the Caberg V2R Essence Motorcycle Helmet best buy ever and recommended by a friend after he just got his helmet from our local bike shop http://www.brandedbiker.com i could stare at his bikes forever. :)


  5. I think a cheaper full face helmet (SNI/DOT) will much more effectife than any half face helmet.. :)


  6. The only way I ride a motorbike is by wearing a Helmet and wearing pants but people nowadys people wanna look cool while riding a bike. I know these women look damn hot while on these bikes but again what if they should ever crash !!! They’d look they just like they went through a meat grinder but hey they wanna look cool to people. I just wanna be safe if I crash, not dead like they would be OOuuch.


  7. it seems many people does not concentrate on the road they gaze to the almost naked young women


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