Photoshop 1

Photoshop 2

Photoshop 3

Photoshop 4

Photoshop 5

Photoshop 6

5 Responses to “ Photoshop ”

  1. Your works are fantastic! I love the one with 2 ladies facing each other. Cheers!

    C K’s last blog post..School’s out… for some.


  2. I agree! The second one makes me want to break out photoshop and have fun with the family pictures. Maybe someone having a warm footbath, in a volcano?

    Thanks for the ideas!

    Popular Wealth’s last blog post..All The Tongue You’ll Ever Want Or Need


  3. Your works are great. I really appreciated them!

    Helio Jenné’s last blog post..E eu aqui, adivinha – Helio Jenné


    Dunn Reply:

    This is not my work. And I’m still looking for the source..


  4. funny and creative

    nepalsites’s last blog post..Website Review – FM stations in Nepal


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