Amazing Stairs

Amazing Stairs 1

Amazing Stairs 2

Amazing Stairs 3

Amazing Stairs 4

Amazing Stairs 5

Amazing Stairs 6

Amazing Stairs 7

Amazing Stairs 8

Amazing Stairs 9

Amazing Stairs 10

Amazing Stairs 11

Amazing Stairs 12

Amazing Stairs 13

Amazing Stairs 14

Amazing Stairs 15

Amazing Stairs 16

Amazing Stairs 17

Amazing Stairs 18

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8 Responses to “ Amazing Stairs ”

  1. Damn…Some of them are really cool and usefull but some aren’t that handy to use!! 😀

    Behrad’s last blog post..Do You Want 2000 EC’s?


  2. Truly amazing stairs! But it looks like you would spent alot more time falling down most of these then actually climbing them! LOL 😆

    Joyfalula’s last blog post..THE GREAT WHYFILE/ENTRECARD TREASURE HUNT! – 500 Credits up for grabs!!!!


  3. Interesting stairs. Thanks for sharing

    Malaysia Digest’s last blog post..The silent Bidayuh YB’s giving Taib a cold shiver


  4. Simply out of this world! I like the one where u can store your shoes…inside the stairs. Space saving…!

    My Bug Life’s last blog post..You Are Not Forgotten


  5. Wow, I want one of those stairs that double up as a shoe organizer. At least that way, my husband won’t have to bug me that I’ve taken up a couple of rooms just for my shoes!

    Sharon’s last blog post..New Line Records to Release ?Sex And The City? Motion Picture Soundtrack on May 27th


  6. Amazing!!! My favorites are the ones storing the shoes and the ones storing the books. Great photos, though!


  7. Fascinating designs, but most all of these look like they would be incredibly painful to fall down.


  8. I think I’d fall down most of those stairs. It’s amazing what people will come up with isn’t it?


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