Rice Art

Rice Rangoli

Rice Art 1

Rice Art 2

Rice Art 3

Rice Art 4

Rice Art 5

Rice Art 6

Rice Art 7

Rice Art 8

Rice Art 9

Rice Art 10

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6 Responses to “ Rice Art ”

  1. Ummm….Are you sure it’s rice?

    Sand, I think maybe, is what they are artsy with here….

    Does anyone else here have more authority than I on this?
    (If so, please contribute.)


  2. Must have taken them hours to draw that rangoli

    Adam’s last blog post..Pink flowers


  3. I’ve seen video of monks doing this same type of art and the amazing thing is that after they are done they will just take their hands and sweep it away to prove that its not that important and has no financial value to them. Not sure if that is how it always happens but its amazing.

    cybrpunk’s last blog post..You can’t read my mind?


  4. Damn, that’s amazing what they can do with rice or is it sand? I don’t know but this guys should get a hobby or so! :p

    BioTecK’s last blog post..TimeTicker – The Exact Time Of The World


  5. It’s a sand mandala. The monks spend about a week creating it and at the end sweep it away as a means of distancing themselves from material things. The whole process is very meditative and I had the opportunity to try it out when one came to my school. Very cool stuff.


  6. It is a very beautiful, very moving piece too – if it had been a straight on shot, I’m certain I would have burst into tears. It is in no way a waste of time. The things you gain from their training I could only hope to have imparted upon my person and spirit.

    – Meagan


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