Wooden Mirror

The Wooden Mirror by Daniel Rozin

Wooden Mirror 1

Interactive artist Daniel Rozin works in a very particular artistic milieu, making mirrors from unreflective surfaces. One of his creations, ‘The Wooden Mirror’ is a testament to his skill in this area. The mirror uses 830 square pieces of wood which are hooked up to an equal number of small motors which move the wooden blocks according to a built in camera. The camera picks up movement in light and somehow transfers the signal to the wood. The result is an eerie representation of reality depicted in tiny wooden pixels. Since building ‘The Wooden Mirror’, Rozin has experimented with a number of other materials.

Wooden Mirror 2

via : designboom

7 Responses to “ Wooden Mirror ”

  1. that’s a cool mirror!! 😀

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  2. Amazing! Cleverly thought and very genius indeed. A mix of technology and art, very cool!


  3. Innovative and creativity never ends. Arts and technology combinations could bring creativity to unreachable ends. Thanks for sharing this.

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  4. You’ve got some interesting things on your blog. Cool! Wish I could afford one those aquariums.

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  5. wow that was a pretty neat idea, would like to see that one in person.

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