11 Amazing Wood Made Products

11. Half-retro half-modern wooden car

10. Wooden Airplane

9. Tryane II Wooden Car

8. Luxury Wooden Phone

7. Japanese Wooden Car

6. Olympus 3D Wooden Camera

5. Antique Clock Case Mod

4. Asus Ecobook

3. Suissa’s Wooden Enlighten PC

2. Singulum Luxurious Wooden Notebook

1. The Splinter

via : Funn2shh

5 Responses to “ 11 Amazing Wood Made Products ”

  1. I love the wooden airplane and the wooden laptop! 😀 They are really cool! 😀

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  2. Nifty stuff! The owners of these things must be either very handy with woodworking, or just very rich to afford having these things made.

    Rob’s last blog post..December Sun #2 – Page 5C


  3. some of those things are crazy.

    I actually really like asus ecobook.

    Now I’m gonna have to see if that is something I can buy or just a personal mod that somebbody made. Make it really easy to stick out from the other net geeks at starbucks.


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  5. […] via myinterestingfiles, geekologie, […]

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