New Boat in Abu Dhabi

7 Responses to “ New Boat in Abu Dhabi ”

  1. This sleek water cruiser looks like a whale!

    My Bug Lifes last blog post..Edible Brains


  2. Damn! It looks like it’s from a si-fi movie! 😀 I like it.

    BioTecKs last blog post..Google PageRank Updated


  3. Looks very futuristic and stylish…

    Michaels last blog post..Not Much Motivation


  4. Looks like a penis boat to me.

    Gary R. Hesss last blog post..Poetic Images: Beauty


  5. Interesting…is it solar powered? That big ol’ black pad on the front certainly could collect a bit of sun energy, right?

    Either way….I want one! 😉

    The Rev.s last blog post..Back! And Trying to Catch Up…


  6. That is really cool! I’d like one too please….. :smile:

    Dianes last blog post..Diane needs…


  7. where can i get one of these boats?


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