Pot Business

Just an average house in the Tennessee country side, right?

Except for the hidden door in the garage.

Hydraulic operated door leads from the garage.

Inside, the Pot Cave..

Concealed inside is an elaborate pot growing operation,
Equipped with irrigation.

Equipped with grow lights and ventilation.

You can see how tall is the average man, and how tall this thing is..

A Multi-Million Dollars Operation.

Harvest could be done every 60 days.

More drip irrigation and climate control.

Escape routes are a must.

Looking up the escape tunnel..

Outside door of the escape tunnel looks like any other rocks.

And the presence of a police car in the first photo says it all…

via : bizarrearea.com

12 Responses to “ Pot Business ”

  1. Just looking at all that pot gave me the munchies. TO think they are probably going to burn it all…what a waste.

    Renees last blog post..Man Fed To Lions: Thanks Mandela


  2. this again?


  3. DAMN! It looks like a fucking pot fortress, how do you even get caught with an elaborate of setup as this one?

    Clarke’s last blog post..Sometimes Eating Weed is better than Smoking Weed


    thecrud Reply:



  4. Can you provide more information on this?


  5. The water and utilities bill is actually what got theses guys caught.


  6. fuck the po lice


  7. Gosh what a waste when it was discovered, wish I knew that guy.


  8. Is there any way to know that any two of these photos came from the same place? Nope.


  9. Judging by the fact that there was one cop car in the first picture, and not 50, I would guess that this house and business was owned by a cop.
    Just my two cents.


  10. I am almost certain that I’ve been to this house after the pot was removed. If not this specific one, one just like it, also in Tennessee. I went to a party at a nice big house just like this one, that these two kids had bought for really a real steal, and they didn’t know why it was so cheap. Some time during the party they took us on a tour of the basement, which was HUGE, and had a big wall knocked out extending back into the hill on which the house was built. There were really oddly placed walls, chains and air ducts all around. There was also a door (not hydraulic) that led from this freaky basement to the garage, and I noticed after I had exited into the garage that the door had vanished (it was hidden). At the time, I thought maybe the house used to be the site of some horrific torture or murder ring, but maybe it was just a busted pot operation.


  11. Pineapple Express..!!!


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