The Beauty of Antarctica

Because of a high altitude, thin air, coupled with the snow and ice on the surface of the solar reflection, has been the result that the Antarctica becoming the coldest areas in the world, with an average temperature 20 degrees lowers than the Arctic’s temperature.

Antarctica has its surface covered with tremendous amount of iceberg. Most of the iceberg forms in spring and winter. The warm weather at these periods causes the glacier or ice edge to split at a tremendous speed. Greenland glaciers alone have 10,000 pieces of iceberg forming up each year.

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  1. We’re going on a cruise around the Horn in February 09 and can’t wait to see some of this wonder. Thank you so much for posting these photos.


  2. Some very nice pictures!! 😀 I love the penguins!

    BioTecKs last blog post..El Gouna… Here We Come


  3. What a beautiful place to live.

    sek!s last blog post..?lk Yodumlamam


  4. Beauty of Antarctica good in pictures but is it good to be there ? I don’t think so :)

    Thanks for these great pictures.

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  5. Wow! very cool pictures. The air in Antarctica looks so pure. I love the penguins and the dolphins. They are so nice and lovely.


  6. Wow! The pictures are very cool. the air looks so pure and the penguins are very nice and lovely. I love them.


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