The Most Expensive Car In The World

The owner is Sheikh Mohammad’s Son, Sheikh Rashid Bin Mohammed Al Maktoum.

This car is worth 5 million Pounds. It’s Bugatti Veyron, and it’s in Dubai.
This is an awesome machine. V16 engine 1001bhp with 10 radiators. Top speed 407 km/hr. No one can beat this car in a drag race. Probably the most expensive car in the world with the most expensive number plate in the UEA. Here are some snaps of it parked at Mall of The Emirates.

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  1. Oh, how to marry a shiek’s son.

    James Bond can’t even compete with this one.

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  2. What’s my car doing over there?! 😉

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  3. first of all this car is not owned by sheikh mohammeds son. it is owned by some russian dude…
    and the plate number is not the most expensive plate in UAE (not uea btw!) the most expensive plate number in UAE and the world is the number 5 red plate of abu dhabi. it was sold for 25 million Dirhams = 6.8 million dollars.


  4. The plate number has been issued in Fujeirah, which is one of the 7 emirates, so it cannot be Sheikh Rachid’s car.
    the most expensive plate in the world belong has been sold in Abu Dhabi for 52 million dirham (10 million euro) and it was also a number 1


  5. Dont hate he is on the confirmed owners list:)
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    Confirmed owners include:

    * Richard Berry – grandson of Loren M. Berry, the pioneer of the Yellow Pages. Owns the first Veyron in Evergreen, Colorado and will supposedly take delivery of the last one as well.
    * Ursula Piëch The wife of Ferdinand Piëch – the former VW chairman’s wife, who requested chassis number #007, was the first person on the waiting list.
    * Tim Cahill – the Australian soccer player’s girlfriend Rebekah Greenhil was caught trying to park it in central Manchester.
    * Michael Fux – a car collector who test-drove the car during a trip to Pebble Beach in August 2005.
    * Ralph Lauren – the fashion designer, bought one in black.
    * Bob Manoukian – dodged the waiting list by buying his Veyron for £1.1m at a charity auction in London in June 2006.
    * Tom Cruise – The famous actor arrived at the Mission Impossible III premiere in a Bugatti Veyron 16.4. He had an extremely hard time opening the passenger door.
    * Thomas Bscher – was to be one of the first owners, until he was appointed as the chairman of Bugatti, as a result, he allowed his waiting list position to be ceded to others. He hopes to collect his Veyron in September.
    * HH Sheikh Rashid Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al-Maktoum – Son of Dubai’s ruler and UAE Vice President Black/Red and White/Maroon.
    * Jay Leno – Leno was one of the first customers. His Veyron was first seen at the 2006 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance.
    * Nigo – He owns a pink Veyron. Famous Japanese fashion designer and owner of “A Bathing Ape”.
    * Rumen Gaitanski a.k.a “The Wolf” – chief of Sofia’s (Bulgaria) garbage transport firms.
    * Scott Storch – HipHop/R&B Producer. His Veyron is black on black.


  6. dude tht car is smoking hot and i wish i had it


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