Door To Hell in Antarctica

Condition 1 Weather in Antarctica. Condition 1 is the worst weather and it’s forbidden to leave the base. Even rescue missions are suspended during Condition 1 Weather.

5 Responses to “ Door To Hell in Antarctica ”

  1. wow!! :| That’s strange!

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  2. […] I like the video about Door To Hell in Antarctica.  However, I don’t usually recommend videos as they load slowly, link to megasites, and […]

  3. The Art Bell radio show used to have an audio recording that came from his version of the “doorway to hell”. It was from a cave or tunnel I believe. Real scary sounds would come from this place…very spooky.
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  4. Freaky. You probably wouldn’t last long through that door…


  5. That was just crazy. Pure and simple. It really was the doorway to hell.

    It almost looked like you would have turned to dust like in that movie “The Day the Earth Stood Still” when the black cloud would sweep everything up and blow it away.

    Just crazy.

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