Money in Zimbabwe

500 million dollar bill just printed in May 2008. It’s equal to about US$2.00.

Everybody is a billionaire..

To buy tidbits in a plastic packet, you have to spend at least 10 million.

To buy vegetables.. 5 million.

To buy eggs.. 6,000 million..

To buy chicken, how many million..?

If you want to eat in a restaurant, please prepare the money..

For a beer after office hours..

For your monthly salary, you need to hire a taxi or lorry to bring the money home..

Young kid, already a millionaire..

If you don’t want to carry a lot of money, change it to USD.

Nobody wants to count the money, just weigh it.

Otherwise, this is what you have to do everytime you go to shop, market, bus station, etc..

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  1. I also wrote about this in my blog sometime back

    It’s crazy. Just shows what can happen to any country when a greedy guy takes over.


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  3. It’s really strange…
    Some time ago I wrote a post about this too…

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  4. It is called hyper inflation. The goverment keeps printing money to pay for services. However, that money is not backed by gold, therefore the supply of money increases and devalues the currency. Prices rise as an effect of this. It happened to nazi Germany before world war 2. The people in Germany would rather burn the money for home heating rather than buy wood with it as burning money was much cheaper than purchasing wood.

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  6. A blank paper is worth more than thier money! Crazy to think about :)

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