Texas House Sucked Into Wormhole

Last summer, a condemned house in Houston, Texas was sucked into a small wormhole, its wooden facade slowly slurped though another dimension and spit out into an alley behind the backyard. This bizarre mashup of real estate and theoretical physics was created by local artists Dan Havel and Dean Ruck, who saw in the abandoned house an opportunity to remind people how fragile the fabric of spacetime really is.

Below, you can look deep inside the wormhole and see where it comes out on the other end.

via : io9

10 Responses to “ Texas House Sucked Into Wormhole ”

  1. Wow! This is really cool!! :D

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  3. That’s so neat. I remember having to build something similar during one of my university classes. Of course, it didn’t turn out as neat as this one.


  4. Clever work


  5. Wow, that’s just wild, hopefully that wormhole has a door on the other side.

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  6. Very cool. Totally impractical, but cool.


  7. Very nice work of art. It looks like the transition point between this dimension and a higher dimension.


  8. I don’t really get it but the house does look cool.


  9. You really have interesting stuff on your blog. I also like the 80 year old paper house. Great job!


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