A True Love Story Of A Bird

Photos of two birds are said to have been taken in the Republic of Ukraine where the bird is trying to save his mate. Millions of people cry after watching this picture in America and Europe. It is said that the photographer sold these picture for a nominal price to the most famous news paper in France. And all the copies of that news paper were sold out on the day of publishing these pictures.

Here his mate is injured and the condition is appalling.

Here he brings her food and attend her with love and compassion.

Brings her food but shocked with her death and try to move her..

He is aware that his sweetheart is dead and will not come to him again, he cries with adoring love.

Stand beside her and scream saddened of her death..

Finally aware that she would not return to him and she has departed, stands besider her body, sad and sorrow..

via : Gecko&Fly

13 Responses to “ A True Love Story Of A Bird ”

  1. How utterly sad! I feel so bad for that poor bird.
    Thank you for running my entrecard on your site!

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  2. Aah… this is sad… :)

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  3. Ummm they are both male swallows. It is indicated by the length of the tails, if they’re both about the same length then they’re both the same gender.
    So yeah this is another internet Bullcrap story written for i do not know what moronic reason.
    Do I think animals feel love? yes, but not the lovey dovey Hollywood love you see in this retarded ass story.
    People who believed this story and cried for his “Girlfriend” should reconsider what you read on the internet.
    I don’t normally look at these things or comment on them, but a friend linked me to it and dislike reading this kind of internet BS.
    Good day.


    PinkyAndBrain Reply:

    by the WAY !

    and if they were fight,,, we should we see some BLOOD or some ruin FEATHER or some SCAR right ?


  4. Yes, the above comment is true I think and it was probably a fight for a mate or territory that killed the other bird!


  5. Actually, that’s not true. The tail length is TYPICALLY longer in males but still long in females, also. You can’t really tell the length from the pictures anyway. You have a point that it could have been a fight – one never knows from a picture. However, anyone who has ever owned birds knows that a bird WILL “mourn” for its mate.


    marta Reply:

    Well said, 04Chelle!


  6. Poor little bird you coul almost feel his grief


  7. this is real love that started from a very small bird who loved his partner to take care of it though in the circumstances as it is very, very touching!


  8. May be the story was a bit romantised. But regardless of that and regardless of whether they are both males or a couple, animals like humans do have senses and feelings and even higher intelligence than some humans. I have seen many touching real life animal stories.

    To Random and PinkyBrian, have you seen a small bird accidentally smashed by a tennis player and die?. No blood nor broken feathers. ANd it’s nothing wrong crying for such stories and photos. It’s a comforting proof that there are still many humane humans in this crazy world.


  9. i almost cried but i only shed a tear.
    this does show that birds have feelings.


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  11. Its a true story bcz i know a story about animals thewy also love and care one of my friend die few years back but one day his dog was find on his grave


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