Restaurant with Interactively Table Menu Technology

Recently opened Inamo, a chic restaurant and bar in London’s west end. The interior was designed by Blacksheep, featuring projecting colorful menus and aesthetic patterns onto touch sensitives tabletops. Their menus are projected onto tabletops, allowing diners to order food and beverages interactively, change the ambiance of their individual table, play games, and even to order up local information and services such as booking a cab.

via : Contemporist

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  1. LOL! I already complain that my husband and I get into these big lapses of silence when we go out for dinners at the restaurant. Tech geek that he is, probably would end up forgetting I’m even around if we go to a restaurant like this.


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  2. That is really awesome, I want to eat there now!

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  3. Wow… Looks great but I think it would make very dizzy!! ­čśÇ

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  4. Wow, how cool… Is is touch tabels?


  5. This is a pretty good idea, and it’s likely to be how it’s done in the future: why bother hiring cashiers when you can just have computers do it all?


  6. Cool idea i guess..
    Would be nice to see in the future


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