Extreme Sport Shots

Here are the shots of some moments in sports when you simply get caught in an awkward position on camera.

via : The 7 Wonders, Funtasticus and Bling It

5 Responses to “ Extreme Sport Shots ”

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! This post was hilarious! I’m definitely going to link it on one of my other blogs. :)

    Diana’s last blog post..A CONTEST and A FREEBIE!


  2. Damn! That’s gotta hurt!! 😀

    BioTecK’s last blog post..Licence To…


  3. geez

    whatever happened to those two people with the shark behind them??


  4. So many of those just look so painful. I bet the shark one was a fake.


  5. i really love extreme sports because it really gives me some aderenalin rush.`


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