Girl From India Sweats Blood

Twinkle Dwivedi, 13, has a disorder which means she loses blood through her skin without being cut or scratched. The teenager has had to undergo transfusions after pints of it seeped through her eyes, nose, hairline, neck and the soles of her feet.

The teenager’s condition developed when she was 12 when she suddenly started bleeding between five and 20 times a day. Sometimes her condition is so bad she wakes up with her entire body covered in dried blood.

“When I bleed from the head, my head feels very heavy,” says Twinkle. “When my eyes bleed they go really red and sore. It also hurts when I wash it after bleeding. It was scary and messy. My school blouse went all red. No-one would come near me or play with me,” she said. “I used to cry nearly every time it happened. But now I just keep quiet.”

Villagers near her home in Uttar Pradesh, India, believe she must be cursed and shout cruel things in the street. Her frantic family have sought help from numerous doctors as well as preachers without success.

Medics in India now believe the youngster’s condition is an extreme version of a rare blood platelet disorder for which they cannot find a cure. The doctors at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences in Delhi believe she has Type 2 Platelet Disorder, a condition where blood is dangerously low in clotting particles. They say her blood is watery and has the colour of a light red wine, but they cannot find a treatment to make it thicker.

However, a ray of hope has been offered by a British specialist, who believes Twinkle may have a different clotting disorder, for which treatment will be possible. “She may have Type II von Willebrand disease and she should see a coagulation doctor for treatment,” said Dr Drew Provan, the Haematologist Consultant of Barts Hospital in London. He believes her condition is not related to the number of clotting particles, but something called the von Willebrand factor, which helps platelets stick to blood vessels and blood to clot. However, Twinkle’s family, from Uttar Pradesh in India, do not have the funds for private treatment.

Unless an actual diagnosis can be made she will continue growing weaker. She has already undergone several blood transfusions and it is feared she may one day lose too much blood too quickly.

Twinkle was thrown out of one school and another refused to teach her because of her strange condition. Now she studies at home and rarely sees other children.

via : Mail Online

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  1. Oh this is quite scary. I hope she’ll be cured.


  2. What a way to live! It’s bad enough to be a teenager, but having medical complications along with it. I hope things get better for her!

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  3. That’s really scary!

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  4. At first I thought it was kinda creepy. But after I read how she is treated, I feel kinda sorry for her. Hope she gets cured.

    Leon’s last blog post..My thoughts on…Obamania


  5. Poor girl. I hope she gets well soon. Is there no online campaign kind of thing or paypal donation setup that may help her in getting treated?

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  6. Someone must help her in getting anything needed to get health. Anyone… might a docter, a donatur for curing, a hospital manager.. anybody. Poor.. sweety girl :(

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  7. Pleasa Take Her To The HUSSAIN THEKRI IN INDIA… 100% sure She will be alright


  8. hello sis twinkle,,u dont wory,,u will be okay indian people dont be careless u all must help her..she is too young and still she has long life to live .dont u think it is sad for her that every time she sufferd from blood,,instead of water instead of teas,,,,,,,,,,,,,hope u will help her..


  9. Hi Twinkle, I saw your case two – three days before on Nat Geo – Discovery channel. I really want to meet you. I am not a Doctor or any Big business man to help you financialy. Have you ever seen NASIK. It is a holy tourist place. Do you agree to meet me little doll. If yes call me on – 09881492986.
    Vikram S. Mohite


  10. i need her contact info .. please .. i know one person who says he knows sumone who can treat her..



  11. Is it possible for you to go to a village named KARLA-Lonavala, near Pune (Maharashtra) ? Meet Dr. Balaji Tambe (Ayurvedacharya) and have a opinion of him.
    Address :
    Dr. Balaji Tambe
    Atmasantulana Village
    Near M.T.D.C. Holiday Resort
    Karla 410 405
    Phone: (+91) (2114) 282261 / 282291
    Fax: (+91) (2114) 282203

    — Amalesh Tambe, Ratnagiri (Maharashtra)


  12. i am not at all an expert to this, but may i suggest or divert your mind to something like this //It might be related to your previous life dear twinkle..there are numerous cases where medical science has failed to give any explanation but it was related to previous life.. and i hope in your case if you can contact any hypnotizer guru who can take you to previous life and see what has really happened there.

    by this you get some relief from wats going on in ur present life. and the strength to cope up and live up the life will be more stronger..

    thanxx my best wishes foe well being of you and your family


  13. hi doll, you are so sweet, i don’t understand how it happens,i’ll pray. GET WELL SOON. i wish if i could see you.


  14. hello twinkle. this is akashdip from wb,
    mo-9852337510 India.
    recently watch a documentary I was shocked to know about this unpredictable incident. I studied a lot about the so called twinkle syndrome that the girl is suffering from.
    I thought of going to different social sites to check if you have any account created just to say that we all are with you. If you are the same girl which is suffering from this type of syndrome then do reply in my mail
    plzz I want to be ur friendship plz reply. mo-9852337510 plzz reply plzzz


  15. Hey twinkle…i’m not a doctor or ne1..i’m a student!! I saw u on nat geo…dont lose hope..u r brave..vry brave..if i were u i wud hav always been cryng..!
    Jst belev evrythngs gonna be alright..evrythng hapens 4 a gud cause..lyf z ful of chalenges..jst b hapy n belev in dem who care 4 u..belev in god !! I’m sure nothin can hapen 2 u..d world prays 4 u..n i’m sure my words wont b diffrent from dose dat u here from ur mother..i jst wanted 2 help u emotionaly cuz dats al i can do…n if u hav a strong will, it will definatly help in d cure..its true cuz if u beleve evrythin z posible !!!
    I pray 4 u..n if u lyk dese lyns, u can talk 2 me..9711523761..gurgaon..get wel soon


  16. HI Twinkle,

    Your problem may not be medical. Even there are some doctors, world wide that accepts that few problem do not have medical reasons. There are some problem that could be solved from spiritual perspective.. There are many who are benefited from this.

    I have a case study just similar to yours that I can show you.
    Please reply to



  17. Hi Twinkle, Can I have your contact details ? I will really like to have a look at your problem. May be I can be of some help to you..



  18. Hi Twinkle, I want to know about yourself, If you contact me back, I will travel to India to meet you. I know nothing about medicine and nothing about your problem but I’ve readed everything about you and saw all your pictures and I think I love you. that’s real I can’t explain why but you’re so lovely and you look so sad… I want to help you by making you happy, you deserve it like everybody! I can’t speak well english that’s why it’s hard for me to tell how I love you. Please Twinkle, send me something by mail, we can share our lives that can change your idea when you’re sad. Pleeeaaase contact me that will be sweet :-) bye Twinkle!


  19. if you can locate any of the Apostolic Faith Church close to your location and i believe that the God Almighty will SAVE,HEAL and SOLVE all your problems.thanks and God Bless you as you do so.Amen.


  20. Dude WTF! Chris Hansen is probably out there looking for you somewhere. Run fast and run far; that’s probably the best advice you’ll get.


  21. Hi, Twinkle

    if u want to solve your problem u should contact me as soon as possible ok !

    ur problem is not solve by any mediciens or any treatment it was diff. type of probleem if u belive me u shold take a step . . . . .


  22. hi!
    i have seen your documentary and i don’t know how i feel. indeed the feel of blood as a tears is beyond imaging. i salute to your and your mothers efforts to get it treated scientifically. thats nice and right.
    in documentry it says that you cry blood tears but here reading the blog came to know that you sweat blood!
    anyway both are really strange
    since you are the unique and maybe the first of this strange syndrome’s suffers you might face lot of problem to get it cured. please don’t lose your hopes and keep trying. i feel it will stop as you pass on your teen aged years. but to know the syndrome and understand it is really a worth working.

    i have seen that you panic when docter ask some contraversal question and you calm down latter. be cool and have faith on the medical science and their prechers.

    good luck
    and get well soon and become a normal person




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