Japan Underground Bicycle Parking

Have you heard about Japan’s Underground Bicycle Parking?
Take a look at this ‘gate’ where bicycles are parked and retrieved.

At each gate there is a simple card reader. It needs a monthly contract to use this service.

Swipe the card and a few seconds later the door opens.
Then dock the front wheel of the bicycle, and it gets pulled into the dock.

This is what the bicycle park looks like underground.

It can store up to 144 bicycle underground, retrieval and storage in seconds.
The longest it takes is 10 seconds.

There are few rules of what needs to be removed before using the park.

Here is an example of how problematic parking can be..

via : dannychoo.com

6 Responses to “ Japan Underground Bicycle Parking ”

  1. What a great invention..seriously…
    Very useful.. No more eyesores! No more scattered bikes around..
    They should introduce this to China where most people ride bicycles there… Japanese and their inventions.. unbelievable! =)

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  2. Damn.. This could be a great idea to use in Holland too!!:D

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  3. What a great idea!

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  4. Wow! i have got one

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  5. Heh, a bike garage, brilliant! Now let us see if this travels over to the states, specifically colleges.


  6. This is such a brilliant idea! I wonder who’s job it is to go in when something gets messed up? I’m sure bikes get tangled or something must go wrong occasionally.


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