Unfortunate Bodies

Frog-like Baby

Born in 2006 in Charikot, the headquarters of Dolakha district. The neck-less baby with its head almost totally sunk into the upper part of the body and with extraordinarily large eyeballs literally popping out of the eye-sockets, however, died after half an hour of its birth. The baby weighed 2kg at birth and was born after the normal nine-month gestation period.
The baby has a condition called anencephaly, a neural tube defect (like the cyclops baby), with no proper brain formation.

Tailed Man

With a 13-inch tail, Chandre Oram, a tea-estate worker, has become quite an object of devotion in his native Alipurduar, West Bengal and believes that Hanuman is manifest in him. “I was born on Ram Navami (birthday of Lord Ram). People have a lot of faith in me – they get cured of severe ailments when they touch my tail. I believe I can do a lot of good to those who come to me with devotion,” says the man, before whom thousands of people queue up each day to seek blessings. In a corner of the courtyard of his home, Oram has set up a small Hanuman temple, where he receives offerings on Ram Navami, which he later offers to the deity.

Oram’s family is proud of his tail and has turned down offers from doctors for its removal by surgery. “He will not survive without his tail. It has become part of his being, his existence,” said Rekha, his sister. Doctors say that true tails are rare. But they are located in the coccygeal end of the vertebral column whereas Oram’s tail shoots out from the lumbar region. “The coccyx is a vestige in humans and we stopped growing tails from that region a long time ago when we evolved from monkeys. Oram’s case seems an aberration, an offshoot of a congenital defect,” said eminent surgeon Dr B Ramana. The medical community reads the monkey man’s case as a spina bifida, a defect in the bone of the spine covered by a hole with lots of hair covering it.

One Eye Baby

On 2006, this baby was born with a only one eye in India. The child was diagnosed with a rare chromosomal disorder, known as cyclopia. She was born with a single eye in the center of her forehead, no nose and her brain fused into a single hemisphere. With such severe deformities, it was a miracle that the girl survived even a few minutes after delivery. The baby died days later.

World’s Largest Hand

Lui Hua suffers from a rare condition known as macrodactyly. When he was hospitalized in Shanghai on July 2007, his left thumb measured 10.2 inches and his index finger measured close to 12. On July 20 surgeons undertook a seven-hour operation to reduce the size of Liu’s fingers and thumb. Doctors removed 11 pounds of flesh and bone in the procedure. A second surgery is scheduled to take place. Enlarged limbs can be caused by a number of medical conditions. Lymphedema is perhaps the most common cause and results in some extraordinarily enlarged limbs.

Feet Facing Backwards

Wang Fang, 27, of Chongqing city in China, was born with her feet facing the wrong way. She has learned to live with her condition without problems and recently refused a disability pension by being classified as disabled. “I can run faster than most of my friends and have a regular job as a waitress in the family restaurant. There is no reason to class me as disabled.”

Three Arms Baby

This 2-month-old baby named Liu Junjie from Anhui Province, China, was born with a third arm on 2006. Doctors successfully removed the extremely rare and well-developed third arm, but the baby required long-term physical therapy to gain function in his remaining hand, which has no palm and flexes in either direction.

Nipple on the Foot

A 22-year-old woman sought medical care for a lesion in the plantar region of her left foot, a well-formed nipple surrounded by areola and hair. Microscopic examination of the dermis showed hair follicles, eccrine glands, and sebaceous glands. Fat tissue was noted at the base of the lesion. Clinical and histopathologic findings were consistent with the diagnosis of supernumerary breast tissue, also known as pseudomamma.

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  1. Hey Dunn
    You always have the whackiest and coolest pics
    some of those were a real trip
    I just wanted to wish you and everyone
    a Happy Holidays :)

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  2. Wow that was some weird stuff!

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  3. Some I’ve seen and some I’ve not..
    Thanks for the photos and infos..
    It’s sad to know some died while some can’t lead a normal life.

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  4. these are kindaa GROSSSSSSS
    i wish all people were born with no defects
    but hen the worlds people would all be the samee
    -Haylee Paige


  5. strange feeling…mankind…be good..and fear god..


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