Host Can’t Stop Laughing At His Guest

Belgian Talk Show Host, Erik Hartman, couldn’t hold himself not to laugh at his guest. It’s rude, but you can see that he had tried the best he could not to laugh but he just couldn’t do it.

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  1. Haha! Yeah, I saw this one on youtube.. It’s a bit rude isn’t it?
    It could be staged I don’t know.. How can a host laugh at his guest so hard right smack in his face? lol..

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  2. In answer to comment #1, sometimes you just can’t help it. The very fact that you SHOULDN’T be laughing, ups the ante and makes laughing so much more irresistable, despite the host’s best intentions to stop himself with the ole “pinch the bridge of your nose and look somber and sad” trick.

    As I watched this, I myself coluldn’t help but laugh. That was a real awesome video.


  3. Hi Dunn 😉

    That’s so funny lol – rather like the scene from The Life Of Brian – If you have seen it?

    The rip on the Roman names – if you haven’t seen it then I recommend it!

    Cya, Andy :)


  4. lol, funny and yea, pretty rude. In the hosts defense, though, that guy totally sounds like a peacock or something when he talks.


  5. I really liked it. But not bad, it would be to add a few important sections.


  6. Its fake. This is a sketch from belgium


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