Snake Massage

An Israeli health and beauty spa is offering a new service for its customers : A Snake Massage, located in Northern Israel. The treatment consists of six non-venomous snakes, massaging the client’s aching muscles and joints for about $70. Ada Barak’s spa uses California and Florida King snakes, Corn snakes and Milk snakes for the massage.

Barak believes that physical contact with the reptiles can be a soothing experience. She says that she was inspired by her belief that once people get over any initial misgivings, they find physical contact with the snakes to be soothing.

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15 Responses to “ Snake Massage ”

  1. I don’t think I’d get much from this. I want a nice deep massage that snakes wouldn’t give. I do see how it could be soothing, though… gentle touching usually is, you know?

    A massage sounds good right now too. :)

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  2. I would prefer human hands anytime! :P

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  3. Hmmm…No thnx…No snake massage for me! :D

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  4. Hi Dunn ;)

    This is a really interesting subject – I have Arthritis and at the same time used to keep Royal Pythons.

    I used to let the wrap themselves round my knees, and arm joints.

    As they are made-up of many individual muscles and as they grip tight, but not too tight, they can give you one of the best massages ever!

    I have told friends about this and they thought I was weird, but here is the proof!

    Thanks for this!

    Andy :)


  5. I can’t even imagine how that’d feel. I think it’d totally creep me out. It’d be like fear factor!


  6. Oh no, this is not for me! YIKES! :(

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  7. I suppose u could say that it was a bit strange, but what do u do if you have extreme arthritic pain and u are a poor student – oh no mister… lol there are no expensive massage sessions, u gotta improvise lol…

    Anyway in all seriousness, it does work!

    Cya, Andy


  8. That’s just odd. I don’t mind snake, but crawling on my back? No thanks, give me a message with human hands please.

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  9. I can’t imagine much pleasure in this apart from novelty value.

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  10. Hi again,

    My advice, is you must try it before you knock it!

    Andy ;)


  11. I think, it is better to get an experience of it so as to clear the views.

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  12. […] Snake Massage Posted by root 22 minutes ago ( The treatment consists of six non venomous snakes massaging the client aching muscles and joints for about 70 ada barak spa uses california and Discuss  |  Bury |  News | Snake Massage […]

  13. A `snake massage’? Now that sounds like a hard thing to sell! I bet the people who do it feel great afterwards though, if only from the adrenalin!


  14. Ohhhh, no thanks!


  15. Isn’t all that crawling more ticklish rather than soothing?


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