A Touching Donation

He walked across, we thought he would just passing by..

“I want to donate!”
He draw out a few coins hidden from his palms.
The officer lend a hand, but he insisted placed  his money into the donation box.

All are speechless, he returns his deeds to the society in his own way!

“I still have money!”
Again, we are astonished.

He drew out a few ten dollar bills and donated them.

Love is an action, not just a word…

via : Charles’ Notes

4 Responses to “ A Touching Donation ”

  1. that is nice of him.

    but i also wonder what his disability is ?


  2. I really think we should learn by example.

    No matter how little we have, we should remember always that other people out there are less fortunate than we are. And no matter how little you can donate, every penny helps.

    Sharon’s last blog post..Old Cookbooks: Trash or Treasure? Tasty Titles Worth Finding and Keeping.


  3. That’s just remarkable. It’s inspiring to see those less fortunate do what they can to give to the needs of others.

    Rob’s last blog post..December Sun #2 – Page 5C


  4. heartwarming to be sure. Wish more people would look out for their neighbors with such open enthusiasm!

    Apex Professionals’s last blog post..Big Problems for Wyndham


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