Where Does Cabin Crew Sleep?

Boeing 747-400


Airbus A340

Boeing 777

Singapore Airline

SQ with inflight TV and Telecommunications

Air Canada

Air Asia

Ssssshh..! Don’t laugh too loud..!
You may wake her up !
PS. It’s just a joke..

via : K.I.D

7 Responses to “ Where Does Cabin Crew Sleep? ”

  1. Strange thing. I was just asking my friend the same questions the other day. Air Asia pix is hilarious! The KLM bunks look the cosiest of the lot. Maybe because of the lighting.


  2. Look thight and I have klaustrofobia.


  3. Makes me queasy just looking at some of these. I hate air travel.


  4. I wonder if they ever pull down the dividers and have a little fun?


  5. the last picture was mistaken.. its not airasia, the seats are different even the uniform is different.


  6. i didn’t realize he crew slept. I thought they have to refuel every so often and just get a new crew.


  7. Well the last one, absolutely isnt air asia!


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