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Gibraltar Airport

Gibraltar Airport

Winston Churchill Avenue, the main road heading towards the land border with Spain, intersects the airport runway. The road is consequently closed every time a plane is landing or departing via :

Hand Shadows Show

This guy is very good at using his hand shadows to create many images such as bird, cat, etc..

Cage Of Death : drops tourists into a crocodile's lair

Cage Of Death : drops tourists into a crocodile’s lair

It’s Darwin’s newest tourist attraction. For brave punters who still want to get cosy with a feisty crocodile, it’s offering the chance for a close encounter in the safety of a clear acrylic box dubbed the ‘Cage of Death’. Just 4cm of acrylic, a pair of goggles and a swimsuit, will separate thrill-seekers from the […]

Michael Jackson Rehearsal Video Released

Concert promoter AEG Live released this clip of Michael Jackson rehearsing his ‘This Is It’ tour two days before his death in Los Angeles.

Dancer and Skater Babies