The Power of Twitter Made A Famous Director Showed Up Naked in Circle K

Be careful whenever you make a promise otherwise you will end up like Joko Anwar. A famous director from Indonesia had been forced walking in to Circle K totally naked just to fullfill his promise in Twitter and this is not a movie scene!

Tuesday (22/9/2009) around 14.00, Joko Anwar posted a tweet in his Twitter account “If I got my 3000th followers today, I’ll go into a Circle K naked”. That was his promise.

Not so long after that, his friends and recent followers kept retweeting that tweet. One hour later, Joko’s follower had reached 3,000. And until that night, his follower number had reached 13,000 followers.

Like it or not, Joko has to fullfill his promise. Due to the power of retweeting, his ‘twitter promise’ became popular. It even got the word ‘Circle K’ to the top of Twitter Trending Topics.

Since he’d been forced by thousand of his followers to fullfill his promise, he gave up and stated in his twitter account that he would do it later that night. And late passed midnight, Joko and his friends were looking for the right ‘Circle K’. After visiting some locations, they finally found the right spot with available coverage to do his action.

For almost two hours, he finally did his writing, he entered the Circle K outlet totally nude. “PICS WILL BE UP SOON!! We are just fine, Ha ha! Thank you for all your supports tweeps! HAIL TO @jokoanwar! FULLY NAKED @ circleK!! He’s done it!!!” wrote Nitta Noer, Joko’s friend who became witnessed in her twitter account at around 00.10.

At 00.30 LT, to realize his promise, Joko posted his action photo in Twitter. “A promise is a promise, Mr Politicians!”, along with his nude picture.

Joko Anwar Nude in Circle K

via : detikhot

4 Responses to “ The Power of Twitter Made A Famous Director Showed Up Naked in Circle K ”

  1. LOL…. He’s probably going to eventually make a movie on how he got so many twitter followers :)


  2. LoL :D:D:D funny stuff


  3. silly promise and silly ending :D


  4. Your mouth is you tiger :) Don’t be ridiculous. LOL!


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