Next Generation Paint Brush

If you’ve been looking for a next-generation paint brush, then check out this creation.

At first glance, it looks like your standard brush, but upon closer inspection you’ll find integrated LEDs, touch sensors, and a camera. This gadget basically “lifts up and captures photons”, allowing artists to draw with “special ink” picked up from their immediate environment.

Check it out in action below:

via : Thinking Tunnel

5 Responses to “ Next Generation Paint Brush ”

  1. That’s kinda cool… :)


  2. where can this be bought?


  3. A brush with a sensor?

    Good stuff yeah


  4. I so want one..


  5. [facepalm.jpg]
    You’re “painting” onto a computer screen. What’s so exciting about that? It’s just a gimmick, a toy. I mean, if the brush ACTUALLY had a paint/dye control mechanism that mixed that colour and allowed you to physically paint with it… now THAT would be cool!!


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