Espresso Book Machine : ATM for Books

The Espresso Book Machine (EBM) is a product of On Demand Books and recently partnered with Google. It’s like an ATM machine that can produce a perfect bound, top quality book in minutes. The database currently has more than 2 million books in it and is expanding as a part of Google Book Search project.

The book that the machine prepares for you is just like the one you buy from market. The printing of pages, printing of cover, binding and cutting, everything takes places runtime at that machine. You can order any book using the screen in front of you, whose soft copy is available, and get it printed for in few minutes. Or you can also give the machine a copy in .pdf form using CD or flash drive and the machine can print that out for you and turn it into a book.

via : Hardware Insight

2 Responses to “ Espresso Book Machine : ATM for Books ”

  1. Nice machine.. it will easier to print out all my favourite pdf collection..lols


  2. Its a clever idea, but what if you’re interested in reading old, obscure out of print material? Then its off to some library I guess… :)


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