$20,000 Dog House

Tammy Kassis has gone to amazing by building her 3 pampered dogs their very own mansion. Chelsea, Darla and Coco Puff share an extraordinary $20,000 home built by Alan Mowrer of La Petite Maison. It’s 11-foot tall Victorian doggie mansion, features vaulted celings, hardwood floors, heating and air conditioning, hand-made curtains, pricey wallpaper, screened doors and windows, mini-blinds, and landscaping complete with a white picket fence. She’s even planning to install a plasma TV so the dogs can all watch Animal Planet together, their favorite show.

Tammy Kassis' doggie mansion sits in her backyard for her dogs Chelsea, Darla and Coco Puff

The Victorian doggie mansion has its own yard, white picket fence, porch, doggie door, turret and doorbell on the outside.

Little wonder the sign over the front door reads: 'Three spoiled dogs live here.'

Darla the Pomeranian stand in her living room. Yorkies Chelsea and Coco Puff are on one of the three beds.

The dogs have their own bed and enjoy music from a classic RCA Victor radio.

Life of luxury for Chelsea, Darla and Coco Puff.

Tammy Kassis with her dogs Chelsea, Darla and Coco Puff, in front of their doggie mansion in Winchester, on the outskirts of Los Angeles.

via : Luxist

10 Responses to “ $20,000 Dog House ”

  1. It’s a dog’s life. Oh no, wait. It isn’t. Wow!


  2. Wow, looks like the recession never hit her and her dogs :)


  3. I think this is ridiculous. $20,000.00 would go a long way towards feeding hungry children right here in the USA. I wonder if animals become self-absobed, selfish, and have a sense of being better than others because they’ve been exposed to the best in dog houses? Not as disgusting as people leaving millions to cats I guess.


  4. People on the streets, living underneath overpasses, and dogs get pampered houses. In our country prosperity seems to bring out the worst in people.


  5. Its her choice.


  6. Wow, thats….something. I just recently wrote a blog about a squirrel house. Yes, squirrel. But fortunately it didn’t cost anything but some scrap lumber.


  7. when choosing to buy a dog house, always choose wood based dog house or if you can afford one, choose steel based,”‘


  8. That is bigger than half the places I have lived in myself in the past 3 years. A little depressing actually.


  9. Those are some very spoiled dogs! Something tells me the dogs would rather be in the big house with their mama.


  10. dog houses need not be elegant, it only needs to be a design that makes it easier for us to clean ::;


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