Tallest Teenagers Around The World

Elisany Silva from Brazil

The 14 year-old Brazilian teen with 6’9″ tall. Her height hasn’t come without problems. She had to leave school as she could no longer safely sit down in the school bus. Her parents don’t have enough money to determine the cause of or treat her inordinate growth. A medical specialist speculates that she has a rare disease called Gigantismo, a condition that causes the brain to over produce growth hormones. But Elisany wants to make the best of her size, explaining that she is interested in modeling. She will soon make her runway debut at a bridal fashion show in Belem, Brazil.

via : The Huffington Post

Marvadene Anderson from Jamaica

She is 15 year-old and 6’11” tall. She was born in Jamaica but living in United State, playing basketball for Rutgers Preparatory High School basketball team in Somerset, New Jersey. She got a basketball scholarship for her skills on the court. Her family stayed behind in Jamaica, while she’s been in the state learning the rules of basketball.

via : Zimbio & Telegraph

Brenden Adams from Ellensburg, Washington.

He is 14 year-old and 7ft 5inches tall. He was born normal 7lb 4oz. He grew so quick. Getting all his baby teeth by four months, at 12 months he was the size of a three year-old, and growing as tall as an 8-year old by the time he was 4. By eight he was as big as an adult but doctors didn’t know what was causing his growth spurt, until they discovered a problem with his chromosomes.

via : Telegraph & World Records Academy

Paul Sturgess from Britain

He is 19 year-old, 7 foot 7 inches tall and still growing. He lives in Loughborough, England. He is a college basketball player. Right now he’s focused on improving his skills at Mountain State University.

via : SportsBore & RealGM

Emma Cahill from Britain

She is 16 year-old, 6 feet 5 inches tall. She has to have shoes specially made to fit her size 14 feet. Her uniform was tailored to fit her 36 inch legs. She inherited her height from dad Andrew who’s 6ft 6in tall and mum Jane who’s 5ft 11in tall.

via : MailOnline

Malee Duangdee from Thailand

She is 17 year-old and 6 feet 10 inches tall. Her stature is due to a tumour on her pituitary gland which makes her body produce too much growth hormone. Malee had two unsuccessful operations to remove the tumour and her only hope is a tumour-shrinking drug which her father, a poorly paid labourer, cannot afford.

via : TallWomen

Chris Lister

He is 19 year-old and 7 feet 3 inches tall and he may continue to grow until he is 21. When he was born, he was 23 inches long, and doctors knew as soon as they saw the size of his feet that he would be unusually tall.

via : TheTallestMan

12 Responses to “ Tallest Teenagers Around The World ”

  1. Interesting collection of tall teenagers


  2. Hmmn… they all looks like avatar, but they’re so cute!


  3. I don’t know what to say, I am feeling very sorry for the girl, who had to leave her studies only because of her height. They do have many problems, may God give them best for them..


  4. Some really tall kids!


  5. Wow they are so tall!


  6. Wow they really are tall!


  7. How tall are they?7′


  8. Im 6 feet and 1 inch tall i wish i become like them


  9. No duh these people are tall. You can stop saying it now. I wouldnt want to be that tall. There is such a thing as too tall.


  10. Very funny to meet people with my type of problem.I myself am 16 years old and I am 6ft 8inches.I noticed my abnormal growth quite early.I have been praying to God to stop it.I guess he wants me to be like that.Everyone avoids me I have few friends within my age group.I move with older guys cos I have a matured face.


  11. im 17 yrs old and 7 ft tall i should be on here lol


  12. I noticed that only 1 Latin girl was mentioned and she has a disease, I’m 17 I am 6’3″ and have been ever since I was 15 but don’t have a disease just my dad is 6’4″ but my mom’s about 5’5″ and I live in Mexico so the differece is a lot more radical from everyone else, practically nobody measures above my shoulder length I really never fit in school chairs and desks and now my back and neck have suffered from that it’s sad all around the world don’t take height into consideration for everyday life, for example in my own house if I go to the kitchen I have to bend down or I don’t fit, and at school I have to slouch to enter the classroom, also I have to put my legs to the hallway ’cause I don’t fit inside the desk, it’s sad but school is a priority for me, also clothing doesn’t take me into consideration here all my pants have to be tailored cause my legs a bit over 40 inches long, fashion, school and construction should take us more seriously.


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