Lowest Landings in Princess Juliana Airport

Princess Juliana Airport is located on the island of San Maarten, which is part of the Dutch Antilles in the Caribbean Sea. Airport is renowned for being next to the beach, just above which fly airplanes entering the airport. Runway airport is very short, with its length which only 2,130 meters. Therefore aircraft are forced to come in to land just a hundred meters from the beach where tourists are. Airport is not equipped with automatic landing, so the aircraft has to be land with manual control.

via : Silly Village

5 Responses to “ Lowest Landings in Princess Juliana Airport ”

  1. OMG! Isn’t it suppose to be super noisy?


  2. I already knew about this airport :) If you this that’s amazing then check out Kai Tak airport (it’s close, but closed for a reason. It had the most spectacular approach). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kai_Tak_Airport


  3. Wow! Now I wanna be there and watch it! 😉


  4. Creepy. I imagine the pilot has sweaty palms landing that thing so close to water and people…


  5. Wow look too dangerous!


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