80 Years Old Paper House

Built in 1922 with a common wooden structure by Elis Stemnan, the mechanical engineer who invented the machine that makes paper clips, the Paper House of Rockport is one of the most fascinating tourist attractions in Massachusetts. He covered an entire wall with layers upon layers of rolled newspapers, held together by his very own glue, made from water, flour and apple peals. The interior of the house is also completely made of paper, including the furniture, window curtains and decorations. The piano alone is real and wrapped entirely in newspapers. He managed to cover his house in around 100,000 rolled newspapers. He coated it all in varnish to protect it from weathering away. On the outside, where the varnish wore off, visitors can spend hours reading headlines and snippets from articles almost a century old.

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4 Responses to “ 80 Years Old Paper House ”

  1. Wow! And it’s still standing after 80 years…imagine. Thanks for sharing


  2. Is it really 80 yrs old? and still that good, amazing!


  3. Nice 80yrs old house!


  4. whatever you do – don’t light a cigarette !!


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