New Species Discovered

Rio Acari Marmoset

Inia boliviensis - The Pink River Dolphin

Cyriocosmus nogueiranetoi - A ‘Tiger-Striped’ Tarantula

Ranitomeya Amazonica The Frog

Pyrilia Aurantiocephala – a member of the true parrot family

Phreatobius Dracunculus The Catfish

Ephebopus Cyanognathus - The Blue Fang Skeleton Tarantula

Gonatodes Alexandermendesi

Martialis Heureka - A species of Ant

Compsaraia Samueli - Ghost Knifefish

Ameerega Pepperi - The Dart Frog

Micrastur Mintoni - The Cryptic Forest-Falcon

Anolis Cuscoensis - The Lizard

Apistogramma Baenschi

via : Wacky Owl

4 Responses to “ New Species Discovered ”

  1. Hmm… Some very weird species!


  2. In our environment there are number of species unknown to us. This is a good job done by researchers. I hope they will find many more species like these.


  3. I know the pink dolphin since I was born. There’s a lot of “Boto cor-de-rosa” in Amazon rivers.

    Greetings from Brazil


  4. These are very interesting species but, umm, not to be rude, new species according to who?? Scientist have known about them ages ago… I’m from Colombia, and the pink dolphin has been known to live there, since there has been people living there… centuries ago. And all of the frogs… same thing… natives have been using their poison since they have been there… centuries ago. Maybe you should change the tittle to new species that you discovered, or interesting species most people don’t know :).



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