I am opening the chance for you to place your advertisement here in My Interesting Files. This is a great chance to promote your blog(s), product, websites, etc. Because we got more than 1000 readers per day. If you need more information regarding the statistics of this site, you can find out in the sidebar.

All the advertisement will be shown in the side bar, so it will be visible in every post and every page of this site. If the reception is good, I will add more space to sell. Contact me if you are interested. Here is what I offer and the price.

300×250 Banner:

  • Located at top right corner
  • Only 1 spot available
  • Price: $20 / month

125×125 Banner:

  • Located at the side bar
  • There are 4 spots available
  • Price: $5 / month

To place an order, send me the banner and URL to dunn[at] Payment can be made upon the approval via PayPal, and your ads will be up after we had received the payment.

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