How To Save A Wet Phone

If it happens that you wet your cellphone, here’s a great little how-to video if you’re ever in a jam with a wet cellphone. Actually this will work with any piece of electronics that gets wet.

11 Amazing Wood Made Products

11 Amazing Wood Made Products

11. Half-retro half-modern wooden car 10. Wooden Airplane 9. Tryane II Wooden Car 8. Luxury Wooden Phone 7. Japanese Wooden Car 6. Olympus 3D Wooden Camera 5. Antique Clock Case Mod 4. Asus Ecobook 3. Suissa’s Wooden Enlighten PC 2. Singulum Luxurious Wooden Notebook 1. The Splinter via : Funn2shh

Balance Mobile Concept

Balance Mobile Concept

Balance is an authentic luxury-smartphone. Up to now, these two categories (luxury and smart) have diverged, and few well-executed alternatives exist. The choice of material (titanium and stainless steel) and its mechanism (a shell-slide solution) impart exclusivity to the phone, while its features satisfy the most exigent business and multimedia requirements. The 45 x 73.5 […]

Latest Gadget

1. Nokia 888 CommunicatorNokia definitely has the most interesting concept phones. Nokia 888 Communicator is a striking futuristic concept phone. The phone, which uses liquid batteries, speech recognition, flexible touchscreen and touch-sensitive body cover,is designed by Tamer Nakisci and won the Nokia Design Award. 2. Sleek n Slim by SKY “Sleek & Slim” from SKY […]

Google Phone

Google Mobile Phone is Coming(Gphone) Google has been lobbying the U.S. Goverment for changes in wireless policy. While it did not achieve as much as it wanted in the planning for the upcoming 700 Mhz spectrum auction in January, it did push for the fact that consumers in the U.S. can buy any phone and […]

Top 10 Most Expensive Mobile Phones

Until recently, the vast majority of mobile phones had been priced between $180 and $550, with only Vertu, a division of Nokia, manufacturing uber-premium phones. With prices starting at around $7,400 Vertu phones are only for the filthy rich, and the super famous.However, Vertu’s monopoly of the luxury phone market is coming to an end […]

Future Technology

TAG : Soft-shell Mobile Phone “tag” is a new, malleable, casual communicator. It is not only soft but also flexible, for example, it can be hung from a belt or wrapped around the user’s arm. Shape-memorizing material and multiple pressure sensors allow the phone to change its shape according to the mode. The user can […]

Nokia Aeon

Nokia Aeon, non scratch and touch screen phone. Press once to display the buttons. Press twice to erase the buttons.